• ​​Clinical Operations Review
  • New Program Development
  • Transplant Cost Report Review for Transplant Hospitals, OPOs, and                Tissue Typing Labs.
  • CMS CoP Readiness Assessment for Transplant Programs and OPOs
  • CMS CoP Mitigating Factors Applications and SIA Fulfillment
  • New Staff Orientation and Training
  • Quarterly Retainer Services

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UNOS Transplant Management Forum 2018

Thinking about starting a new transplant program?  We can help.

Transplant Solutions, LLC can help assess your  readiness for the next visit from CMS.

new program ​​development

cms readiness Review

Operational Review

Cost Report Review,

Preparation, and Compliance

Ensure you're in compliance with Medicare Cost Reporting regulations as well as receiving maximum reimbursement from it.

Transplant Solutions, LLC uses interviews, document reviews, and direct observations to conduct a comprehensive operational review and assessment.

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