• Transplant Staffing-Transplant Solutions, LLC provides transplant-specific staffing services, including both permanent and locums tenens placement.  Whether you are in need of staff or looking for assistance in obtaining a position, we can help.  Our areas of expertise include Transplant Medicine, Transplant Surgery, NP/PA for Transplant Services, Transplant Pharmacy, Transplant Social Work, Transplant Administration, and Transplant Financial Coordinator.

  •  State Agency Survey Assistance and Training-Transplant Solutions, LLC can assist State Agencies now responsible for CMS Transplant Conditions of Participation Medicare certification surveys and provide training for State Agency survey staff new to transplantation as well as provide preceptors for survey site visits.
  • Transplant Cost Report Preparation-Transplant Solutions, LLC, can prepare Medicare Cost Reports for Transplant Hospitals and Transplant Tissue Typing Laboratories.  TSLLC provides cost report preparation services for both the single entity (including GME, allied health, and complex related entity) as well as the transplant-specific D-4.  Our staff is also available to provide pre-filing review and D-4 analysis services for those institutions that have outsourced their cost report preparation.
  • Transplant Clinical Operations Reviews-Utilizing document reviews, direct observation and staff interviews, Transplant Solutions, LLC will make recommendations to help improve the day to day operations of your transplant program.
  • Transplant Cost Report Compliance Review-Transplant Solutions, LLC staff will ensure your hospital is receiving the revenue it is entitled to from the Medicare Cost Report while remaining in compliance with Cost Reporting regulations.
  • CMS CoP Readiness Assessment-Is your program ready for the next visit from the CMS Conditions of Participation Site Surveyors?  Our staff can assess your readiness with a CMS CoP Gap Analysis as well as a on-site readiness review, utilizing staff with CMS CoP contract surveyor backgrounds.  It's the next best thing to the actual survey!
  • CMS Mitigating Factors Application and Systems Improvement Agreement (SIA) Fulfillment-If your program has been flagged by CMS, or you think it might be, we can help you navigate these process', including the required Independent Peer Review and External Consultant Monitoring.  Being pro-active could save your hospital significant dollars during the SIA contract period with CMS.
  • New Program Development and Implementation-Is your hospital thinking about starting a new transplant program?  We have assisted many hospitals in setting up the infrastructure necessary to ensure the success of the program-why not let us help you?
  • New Staff Orientation and Training-Whether you have expanded your staff or are opening a new transplant program, orientation and training for these highly-specialized positions can be a challenge, but we can help you meet it.
  • Quarterly Retainer-Never in the history of transplantation has the industry been as regulated as it is now.  And if it seems like those regulations change almost daily, you're not alone in thinking that.  A quarterly retainer agreement with Transplant Solutions, LLC gives you ready access to our staff whenever you have questions or concerns.

Please contact us to discuss your program's specific needs and remember, costs associated with some of our services may be allowable to your hospital's Medicare Cost Report.